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Before I go into details on the #1 Trick to Getting More Customers, I want you to think about the big brands. Brands such as McDonald's, Doritos, Budweiser... you know all the ones that you see during the Superbowl commercials.

You see, the big name brands have figured out that the best way to be successful, is to get their product, offer or service in front of as many people as possible. 

They use everything from billboards, T.V., radio, magazines, newspaper, door hangers, mailers, ETC... just to do that.

Do you know what the average Superbowl commercial cost...

According to a report by Sports Illustrated media writer Richard Deitsch, NBC will receive about $5 million for a 30-second commercial during its Super Bowl coverage. 

Just look at what companies have been spending over the years during the Superbowl...
You see, they realize that they can earn more money by spending money to get in front of the masses.

BUT, Did you know there is a more effective way besides the ways listed above...

Now I've seen that you are using Facebook Groups to showcase and promote your business...

You are on the right path, just not exactly the best way... Let me explain.

So, what if there was a way you could target specific people who are most likely to buy your product or service...?

Well good news, you can...

And that way is through Facebook Advertising!
Why Facebook Ads?
You want sales and you don’t want to overspend on advertising to get them. If you made a million bucks, but you spent $999,000 to get there, that’s not so good! 

In San Diego, the average cost of Billboard advertising for 1 month is $15,000. Fifteen grand!!! Imagine you spend $15,000 on Billboard advertising . . . 
This is true of all print, tv, radio and magazine advertising. You pay for everyone to see your ad, regardless if they are likely to buy or not! Essentially, it can really be a waste of money!
Facebook Ads are different. You can actually choose who you show your ads to. So if you target your ideal customer, then you only pay when your ideal customer sees your ad! How awesome is that! 
What's the process?
1) Advertise
Create an Ad for a specific targeted group...
2) Capture Lead
Capture the lead information such as Name, Phone Number and Email...
3) Sell Sh*t
Sell them what you have to offer...
First, you will need to create an irresistible offer, something that has a high perceived value that would be too good to pass up, but also has a high profit margin. 

Create an Ad with this irresistible offer on Facebook and put it in front of your ideal customers.

Create a "Landing Page" for them to go get the offer when they click on the Ad.

Capture their contact information in exchange for the irresistible offer.

Send them to a "Thank You Page" to deliver that offer.

Finally, use an email sequence to follow up and remind them the offer expires soon.
What do you advertise?
So now that you see how the process works, what exactly do you advertise? What are you willing to give in order to bring a customer in your doors? What front-end offers do you have? What back-end offers do you have in place?

To better understand, let's look at an example...McDonald's...
So McDonald's spends, on average, about $1.91 to get someone in the doors for a hamburger which costs $2.09, so after advertising, creating an $0.18 profit. This is their front-end offer.

Now in order to maximize each guest they have a back-end offer in place...

The famous: "Would you like fries and a drink with that..."

When a customer says "YES" that adds another $2 to their bill, which only cost McDonald's about $0.10, for a profit of $1.90. That's like 10X the profit!
So now that you understand the process and have given your offer some thought, who do you now show your ad to?

Using Facebook's cool tools you have the ability to find your ideal client. 

But...Who is your "Ideal" customer? 

What is their gender? Age? What area do they live in (zip code/radius)? Are they married? Single? Divorced? Do they have children? What things/pages do they like?

All of these are areas that can be used to find a specific audience to put your ad in front of.
Creating the Ad
Now moving on to creating the Ad... we have a few parts we need to go over.

Every Ad needs to consist of a Body/Headline/Description/& Image/Video.

 Body: Give your audience a reason to click! Use 1 of 7 Psychological triggers: 
Fear/Scarcity/Story/Make Someone Laugh/Curiosity/Incentive/"Join the Cause"

 Headline: In a few words, state the benefits, "Hook" or problem that your offer will solve.

 Description: Give reassurance

Image/Video: Use an image or video that will get the users attention.
What is a "Landing Page"?
Not to be confused with your company website.

A "Landing Page" is a single page site with only ONE option…. To opt inThis page should include a “Headline”, “Benefits”, and a “Call to Action”. 

 Headline: This should reassure the visitor that they are in the right place and give them a reason to stay.

 Benefits: This should answer the question the visitor is asking themselves; “What’s in it for me”?

 Call to Action: This is what you want them to “do”, such as "Call Now", "Chat with Us", "Enter email address", etc…

Capturing the Lead
There are a variety of ways in which capturing a lead can be achieved. 

In this example when the visitor clicks the button on the "Landing Page", a pop-up or a lead capture form will open to collect at least their “Name, Email and Phone Number”. 

Side Note:(The more information you ask for, the harder it will be to collect.)

The Thank You Page
The "Thank you" page is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of the sales process. Think about this for a minute, once someone gives you their information they’re staring at the screen saying well where is it, how can I get it. 

You have their full attention. So this is a great time to give them reason to take action immediately, to “buy now”, to downsell them, to have them fill out a survey, to have them go deeper into your sales process.

Email Follow Up
And finally we use an email follow up sequence to remind your potential customer of the reason they were willing to give you their information. You will also want to use these to continue to build on the perceived value at the same time creating scarcity.

When dealing with an irresistible offer that gives a Vouchers/Tickets/Discounts etc, use the sequence below or something similar. 

1st Email: Give them what they requested in exchange for their contact information.(Voucher/ Ticket/Discount etc…) Give benefits to build on the perceived value you offered them.

2nd Email: Use this email to inform them that the (voucher/ ticket/ discount etc…) is expiring in a short period, or that there are a limited number of them available. Again, throw in a few more reasons why what you offered is so great.

3rd Email: Use this email to inform them on the last day that the (voucher/ ticket/ discount etc…) expires at the end of day.
(For use with higher ticketed items)  

The “Soap Opera” Sequence

1st Email: Tell a story using “High Drama” to draw in the reader but leave it open ended to prep for the 2nd email.

2nd Email: Tell the “Backstory” of the “High Drama” from email 1, then lead them to the “Epiphany” to overcome the “High Drama” but don’t state it, you use that to leave them wanting email 3.

3rd Email: Tell them the “Epiphany” had to overcome the “High Drama” from  email 1, which should lead to the product or service you are offering. After you conclude your story the reader should feel as if your product or service is the answer to their problem, and this is where you would pitch them your offer.

Final Thoughts
As you can see, this is a process, but once in place, it's the #1 trick to getting more customers on demand.

All this sound great but seem out of reach because you don't know how to do it, as well as not having the time to learn it all because you're busy running your company...

I have a solution...

You see Facebook ads is a skill. It’s like boxing. If you aren’t a trained boxer and you step in the ring, you are going to get killed! 
The same goes for Facebook ads.

If your sales funnel, ad, targeting, or any other component isn’t top notch, you are not going to get cheap leads! And you certainly won’t get enough sales!

As a Facebook ad expert, my job is to make decisions with your money, so you don’t waste it!

These decisions are things like . . .
  •  Who to target so we are only showing ads to people highly likely to buy.
  •  How to appeal to their pain points, emotions, and desires to easily convert them into leads, and ultimately sales.
  •  How to budget so you don’t waste money on things that won’t bring you revenue.
  •   Plus all that tech stuff that no one else wants to deal with.
In a nutshell, my job is to make you do the happy dance when you see the results from your Facebook ad campaigns! 

If you are interested in how I can help you get something like this setup for your business, just click the button below to schedule a call! Thank you for your time and I hope you found this helpful. I look forward to speaking with you!
- Jose Rojas
Customer Acquisition Specialist